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Your DNA of a believer, the very fabric that impacts every area of your spiritual life is contained in these 4 critical areas. You need to make sure you understand and take a stand for these fundamental beliefs.


Spiritual growth might have been a complete mistery to you until now. Today marks the first day that you will start to understand how believers grow spiritually. This book does not contain spiritual growth but it does contain the recipe to grow. The first of the four part series of books that will assist you in laying the foundation of a growth model. SEED, ROOTS, TREE TRUNK and BRANCHES will assist you in seeing the complete Model that will open your eyes to what needs to be in place in your life.

Any tree, big or small starts of with a seed and I dare to say that the same applies to any Christian. The seed becomes the foundation from where a believer starts to grow. The seed contains the DNA of what it will produce. Most seeds looks different, but all of them contain life and design. Both the power to start your spiritual growth as well as the way you find your design. This is probably the most important part of any believer’s life. If these four simple things are not in place and active, your whole tree will have a fundamental flaw. Everything you build on will come from four areas that will affect every way in which you look at Spiritual life. These four areas are Supernatural, Eternal, Essentials and Dominion. Let’s start with a quick glance into why these areas are important and what they contain.


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