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Every single believer needs 5 Disciplines that will enable you to start growing. Without these basic but important disciplines no believer will be able to stand firm in their faith.


This product is also a result of the disciplines God has expressly lead me in. Certain specific things was impressed on me personally as well as on my accountability believers (Gert Grobbelaar and Joseph Daniel). As a group my current Church BLAZE TEAM Ministries were the first ones to try them out and ensure that they are actually effective. That is why I can say, without a shadow of doubt that these disciplines are effective and life changing. Because of the test area it was developed in, a lot of content had been changed to keep the concept simple and effective. In this time of trial and error many parts of these powerful disciplines had to stand the test of time (The spirit of God – conviction) and the scriptures. Only after all these tests and trials I could actually start writing the book you have in front of you. The book in itself took another long route of trial and test and this is the 8th print of actual book. There had to be a lot of practical and inspirational changes done to ensure that you have a tool that will effectively influence your disciplines. Practically addressing every necessary area to cause imminent and permanent development in your spiritual life.

I pray that all the trials and development will allow you to have a tool that is extremely powerful. It is my desire that it will assist believers in growing faster than ever before. May you discover this to be true as you turn your eyes towards these disciplines to enhance your relationship with God.


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