Important Links

As a leader in our church you might find it critical to have. Although this page is not only for leaders, leaders will find it critical. The applications we use can be installed on all electronic devices or accessed through a web page. Every Application will be mentioned in 3 columns. Application Name – Description of the purpose – LInk for installaiton or Web access to the Application.

Facebook (Main Page)Main Facebook page to advertise and connecting to most of our people.
Youtube (Main Page)Main Youtube Channel with all our public Videos
Trello (Teams Page)All our teams tasks are clearly displayed here. Goals and targets with clear Targets for all. Add some yourself, or read other requests.
Trello (LOI)All our members with their growth to the new Levels of Involvement.
Facebook Group (Encouraged)Enables Believers to grow from Encouraged to
Facebook Group (Enticed)Enables Believers to grow from Enticed to
Facebook Group (Enriched)Enables Believers to grow from Enriched to
Facebook Group (Enlisted)Enables Believers to grow from Enlisted to
Facebook Group (Entrusted)Enables Believers to grow from Entrusted to Entered
Facebook Group (Entered 1)Enables Believers to grow from Entered 1 to Entered
Facebook Group (Berean Bible Study)Official Bible Study
InstagramMain Instagram Page
DiscordPrivate Chat room during events where we co-ordinate all our actions. This replaces “Walkie Talkies”. We will advertise on our Whatsapp gorup when we start using it. This invite is directly to the BTM Leaders group on Discord.