At BTM we love questions and this is why we think this list of FAQ will be exactly what you need to find out whatever

you need to know about us. Enjoy this list of information at your own leisure.

About BTM

  • What is the abbreviation BTM? Blaze Team Ministries
  • What type of Church is BTM? Christian Pentecostal
  • In what Country is BTM? South Africa
  • In what town are we situated? Trichardt (near Secunda) in Mpumalanga

About Terminology

  • WOR – Weekend of Refreshment
  • CTN – Critical Truths Needed
  • Creed – Christian Declaration of Faith
  • BRANCHES – Abreveation for the parts that incaptulates your Ministry Model
  • LOI – Levels of Involvement

About Ministry

  • Why do you take time to minister to people? We believe that Eph 4 is clear on the fact that each believer builds the other to maturity and therefore we allow room for each to do the work of ministry.
  • What is ministry? It can be any way in which you encourage, strengthen or uplift other believers.

About Events

  • What is WOR? It is a weekend, every month where we Celebrate as church what God has done with specific events such as Leadership Training time, Family Lunch, Communion Service.
  • What is Conneciton Groups? It is a mid-week event where small groups gather to encourage each other and discuss Sundays Sermon.