Discipleship is a process that allows spiritual growth through the sharing of critical truths and principles by one believer to another.

As a believer in Jesus Christ we want to prepare you for the work of ministry. The only biblical way to prepare any believer for the work of ministry is by discipleship. Our Discipleship system is designed to lead you through different levels of spiritual growth. The names for these levels points to the focus point on every level and how we as a church relate to believers on these levels. Every level include simple steps of discipleship to address certain areas that are important.

The first level to get going with is the Enticed level.

Each Level starts with some information this is all built into a quiz. After completing the Quiz you will be left to complete the Challenge before you. The Enticed level has only 1 Challenge, the next level “Enriched” has 2 Challenges and so on.

Discipleship Step 1

Discipleship Step 1 – Enticed Level Challenge

Discipleship Step 2 – Enriched level Challenge

Enriched Discipleship Resources

Discipleship Step 3

Discipleship Step 3 – Enlisted Level Challenge

Enlisted Discipleship Resources

Discipleship Step 4 – Entrusted Level Challenge

Entrusted Discipleship Evaluations

Entered1 Discipleship Evaluations

1. Oversee the Hospitality Duties.

2. Actively involved at Laymen License level in a team.

3. TREE TRUNK Groundworks – 8 Weeks challenge

4. Focus on development of the primary 3 gifts.

5. Read the New Testament in 60days

6. Leading a service – Part 2 (Training and Execution)

7. Assisted as part of the outreach team on an outreach outside of SA

8. Take 5 disciples through the discipleship process of ctn 1-4

9. Take 5 disciples through the discipleship process of ctn5-8

10. Assist Leader with Ministry that compliments the Connection Group Leaders topic (Connection Group) through Testimony, scripture, Song, content