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Growth Model - Detect your SEED for beginners

This questionnaire enables any Christian to take a look at the SEED they currently have in place in their lives. SEED is the Christian fundamentals that forms the DNA of a believers life. Step 1 is to know what Fundamentals there are and then which have you already started using in your life. Activate all these Fundamentals and then start growing in them.

Dear Disciple.

We will issue as certificate at the end of the test. It is our desire to be of service you as you grow spiritually.

Be so kind as to provide minimum information to enable us to be of service to you.

In His Service for His own

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Eternal :

You have full confidence in the Word of God and know how to apply God's Word practically in your life.

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Essentials :

Before communion you consider brothers and Sisters whom you might have wronged and then do restitution to restore that relationship.

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Essentials :

Fasting is a part of my Spiritual life as a Christian.

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Eternal :

Because you understand how the Bible was compiled you have complete trust in the Letters and Books that was included in the Canon to be authentic and Inspired by God.

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Eternal :

When you pray you can use God's attributes (Names) to acknowledge His ability in a specific area such as Jehovah Rapha.

In order to assist believers many different Salvation systems have emerged. It is a simple description of the process we explain to unbelievers that help them understand the why they should be saved and how to get to the point of salvation.

None of them are better than other but you should at least learn one to assist your or create your own if you really need to.

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Eternal :

You use the "ROMANS ROAD to Salvation" (or a similar detailed Gospel process) to help people surrender their lives to Jesus.

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Supernatural :

You realize when you are under spiritual influence (such as depression) and take authority to rebuke the spirit behind it.

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Eternal :

Because God is not limited to time and space you Trust Him completely with tomorrow. You are not worried about tomorrow

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Essentials :

You understand that God has created you purposefully and therefore you ensure that you are an instrument ready for use, obedient to every request of God.

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Eternal :

Because you understand that there is an eternal life after death you ensure that people you talk to knows that they can go to hell, without Christ.

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Supernatural :

Because you understand that you are spirit and then body you take time to focus on your Spiritual needs.

There is a clear biblical difference between Repentance and Rebirth. Although we can help people to repent of their sins it is not rebirth. Rebirth is an action that occur completely by the Holy Spirit.

We don't just help people to repentance but we help them until they reach the place of rebirth.

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Eternal :

You ensure that people don't just repent but get to a place of rebirth because you know the difference.

Baptism in the Spirit is something that happens to Christians as described in Acts 2 and 3. It is an important event that affects our proclamation of the Gospel.

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Essentials :

I have been baptized in the Spirit.

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Supernatural :

Because your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, you keep it in subjection to the Holy Spirit.

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Eternal :

You pray everywhere and for all things because God is not limited to any specific time.

Spiritual language is a language received from God that enables us to talk to God directly. Humans don't understand this language. Speaking in tongues as some may say edifies us.

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Essentials :

I speak in spiritual tongues. (As I received from the Holy Spirit)

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Eternal :

You talk to Jesus Christ because there is specific things only He will be able to address as Head of the Kingdom of God.

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Eternal :

You pray specifically to the Father when you have specific need to do so.

The Bible is clear that we have to partake in communion with other believers.  Taking communion on your own is not  the way God designed communion. It is the table of the Lord attended by other believers.

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Essentials :

I take regular communion with the church to celebrate to work of Christ with other believers.

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Essentials :

You know that God wants you to be Holy and therefore you constantly strive towards Holiness through laying down sin and unrighteous deeds the Holy Spirit shows you.

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Supernatural :

You cast out demons from people whenever it becomes an obstacle to minister to them.

There is clear scripture that we should not partake in communion with any un-forgiveness or rivalry between you and other believers. Restoration of relationship should be a priority before taking community.

Read more about this in SEED in the Chapter on Essentials.

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Essentials :

Before communion I investigate my heart to make sure I have forgiven my brothers and Sisters who might have wronged me.

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Essentials :

You know that you will be confronted by False teachers / Prophets in my Walk with God and that is why you are careful to listen to your local Church Leaders to avoid false teachers/prophets they warn you about.

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Essentials :

You know that you will be confronted by False teachers / Prophets in your Walk with God and that is why you evaluate everything you hear by the Word of God.

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Supernatural :

Satan does not get to influence you for extended times because you realize where you have given up legal ground and restore it quickly.

Any Christian will have some conviction of the Holy Spirit to deal with sin. It is a constant process towards holiness. Without conviction spiritual growth is not possible.

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Essentials :

The Holy Spirit shows you Unrighteousness and Sin that you need to lay down.

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Essentials :

It is important for you to daily lay your own ideas down and ask God how you can best serve His purpose.

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Supernatural :

You stand together with other believers against the work of the enemy because it is more powerful than you alone.

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Eternal :

You share the Simple Gospel with people to ensure they understand how to be saved.

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Eternal :

You pray specifically to the Holy Spirit when you address something He should help you with or teach you.

Jesus said that we have to be a servant to one another. Washing other believers feet is an extremely humbling action. Many people attempt to spiritualize it but Jesus gave us a practical example. We should follow His example.

Read more about this in SEED in the Chapter on Essentials.

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Essentials :

As a believer Jesus showed us the value of washing each other's feet in demonstration of our servant-hood towards each other. Therefore I set out time to wash the feet of other believers.

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Essentials :

The Great commission is also my life commission and therefore I preach the gospel.

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Essentials :

Families are important to God. All of us have families we are part of. You fulfill at least one of these roles in a family.

As Father of a Family you wash your wife with the Word of God

As Mother of a Family you submit to your Husband in the Lord

As Child of a Family you obey your Parents in the Lord

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Supernatural :

You take time in your prayer to rebuke the forces of satan.

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Eternal :

You object to the use of Evolution as a replacement of Creation because you understand the Biblical difference.

Fasting is not just the act of abstaining from food, but it is a spiritual task

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Essentials :

While you are fasting you spend additional time in prayer to trust God for breakthrough in your own and other peoples lives.

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Eternal :

You understand that God created everything and therefore you can trust Him with the purpose He created everything for.

Laying your hands in prayer on fellow believers and especially Disciples are very important. It is important for the imparting of spiritual gifts.

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Essentials :

You lay your hands in prayer on other believers and your disciples and entrust God for the imparting of Spiritual and Body Gifts.