Entrusted Challenge – ROOTS Ground-Works

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Entrusted LOI Process

Entrusted Challenge – ROOTS Ground-Works

ROOTS Ground-Works challenge is a 6 Weeks Challenge that focus on the most core disciplines of all believers. A Sponsor will need to sit down with you for about 1 hour every Week (6 Weeks) to ensure that you are prepared for the Week. You will be challenged with daily Scriptures / Challenges and Encouragement. We want to encourage you to complete this as soon as you can. Remember that you will be allowed 8 Weeks to complete this Challenge.

We would love to keep in touch and give some follow-up information.

It is our desire to be of service you as you grow spiritually.

Be so kind as to provide minimum information to enable us to be of service to you.

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Please listen to this video carefully as it explains the how to complete the ROOTS Ground-Works Challenge. This is very similar to the SEED Ground-Works Challenge. Howev8er it is important to carefully take note of everything that should be done. You will need to complete this Challenge in 8 Weeks once you accept the Challenge

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