Enlisted – BIS Challenge

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Enlisted – BIS Challenge & Evaluation

Welcome to the BIS Challenge in our discipleship system. To start the Challenge, you will have to continue with this questionnaire. Click start to begin your new journey to spiritual maturity in Christ. The Challenge will be explained in all the detail you will require.

We will require a few details to get started.

It is our desire to be of service to you as you grow spiritually.

Be so kind as to provide your Name and Surname with your email address to allow us to provide you with follow up information. Your Cell number are also required to enable us to contact you directly.

The Sponsor is the name of the person in our church that invited you or someone you might feel comfortable with to start your discipleship process.If there is no person like that, simply enter “None” and we will assign one of our Disciple-makers.

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Introducing the Blaze Information Session

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Bernard talks about Our History

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As a Church we believe that the new revolution of the Church is to

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Ephesians 4 explains that

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The work of Ministry is the responsibility of

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Bernard talks about Our Name.
We realize that this is unique and we spend some time to be clear about what our Name is and why we chose this name.

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We want the Church to be ablaze that is why our name is Blaze Team Church.

Blaze in this context refers to the fact that we want the church to be driven by

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Blaze (as in our name) means

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Bernard talks about the Blaze Team Strategy.
We realize that this is unique and we spend some time to be clear about what we do.

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Seed Roots Treetrunk and Branches will cause

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Four Pillars are

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Team (as in our name) refers to

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T.E.A.M represents as an acronym

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T.E.A.M is an acronym for

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Truth causes

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Meet causes

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Our Vision statement is

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Implanting Truths will cause

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Bernard talks about the Blaze Team Leadership Structures.
We realize that this is unique and we spend some time to be clear about what we do.

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Our Church believes that biblically _________________ leads churches

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Practical work are done by teams that are lead by our leaders in church

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The Directors are responsible for appointing Elders

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Bernard talks about the Blaze Team Finances.
We realize that this is unique and we spend some time to be clear about what we do.

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Do you believe enough in what we do that you would want to invest your finances in this church?

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Thank you for completing the Blaze information session up to this point.

It is wonderful to see people commit and push through to complete a challenge, especially with the aim of spiritual growth.

We want to Challenge you now to step up and make a decision to grow spiritually from now on. The commitment to spiritual growth is one that should not be taken lightly. It is an investment in your life, your family and the generations that will come after you. It is also a commitment that will allow all of us here at Blaze Team Ministries to grow with you.

Click this link to make this commitment now, or use the link in the email that will be sent to you to complete this form.


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Part of our discipleship system is making you part of the Body of Christ.

You have completed all the challenges up to this point, that gives you the ability to make an informed decision to be part of our church. We have revealed exactly what we are busy with, what our mission is and how we want to accomplish it. We believe that people can only decide to be part of this team once they have the relevant information to make this decision with wisdom.

You can click the link below to complete the form or save the link to complete it later. This link will be sent to you by email after this session as well.

Membership Application

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