Welcome to the Entered Level 1

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Welcome to the Entered Level 1

In this video we would like to welcome you to the Entered Discipleship level in our Church. This is our first Leadership level and we want to start by sharing some information with you and end by Challenging you to grow spiritually. By clicking start you will begin this introduction with a videos to guide you through all the steps. This should take about 30 Minutes. This process is built to help all Entered Partners understand more about their part in the Church and how to grow spiritually from here.

We will require a few details to get started.

It is our desire to be of service to you as you grow spiritually.

Be so kind as to provide your Name and Surname with your email address to allow us to provide you with follow up information. Your Cell number are also required to enable us to contact you directly.

The Sponsor is the name of the person in our church that invited you or someone you might feel comfortable with to start your discipleship process.If there is no person like that, simply enter “None” and we will assign one of our Disciple-makers.

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We would love to start by sharing our Mission with you. This is the Mission of our Church.

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This short video will help you understand what the Levels of Involvement is. What the Name “enticed” means and why we have these levels.

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Here is some practical information about Blaze Team Ministries.
BTM information

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Bernard introduces you to the view we hold regarding the Theological differences between denominations. We have had many people as us whether we are pentecostal or Charismatic for instance. This video will answer all these questions you might have.

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Our Values are extremely important because they become the foundation of what we build our whole church on. Listen to this video as we remind you of our Values.

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