Enriched – Ministry Challenge

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Enriched – Ministry Challenge

Welcome to the Ministry Challenge in our discipleship system. To start the Challenge, you will have to continue with this questionnaire. Click start to begin your new journey to spiritual maturity in Christ. The Challenge will be explained in all the detail you will require. Keep in mind that all challenges needs to be completed within a specific time frame to ensure that it has maximum effect. Click start to get going.

We will require a few details to get started.

It is our desire to be of service to you as you grow spiritually.

Be so kind as to provide your Name and Surname with your email address to allow us to provide you with follow up information. Your Cell number are also required to enable us to contact you directly.

The Sponsor is the name of the person in our church that invited you or someone you might feel comfortable with to start your discipleship process.If there is no person like that, simply enter “None” and we will assign one of our Disciple-makers.

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Our Church is extremely unique in the fact that we dedicate a part of our service towards Ministry time. We set time aside to allow fellow believers to minister to each other. To some Believer this seems weird. In this Video Bernard explains why we do this.

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Christians can get easily distracted while doing the work of ministry. It is important that we should have the goal in mind of what success during ministry time actually is. What are we aiming for? Many Believers feel overwhelmed by expectations of what they think should happen and what to expect. This is a short video that can help you set realistic goals of what should be happening.

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Carefully listen to this video we explain how to successfully complete this challenge.
Most Christians are challenged at first when they realize we should be praying for each other as a part of our Christian service.
This video highlights the reasons why this is critical.

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In our Church we have found it valuable to have a Wingman for new Believers that start doing the work of Ministry. What exactly is this and how will this help.

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